Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Rare Appeal

A Rare Appeal: The Background

As some of you are aware, the co-founders of this ministry, Brian and Dara Shook, are currently living in separate states. Brian has been caring for his aging father, but as the economy has gotten worse, he can no longer afford to join his wife.  Caring for his father has been a full time job in itself, and because of this, he cannot get a job.

As a member of WarriorSoul Ministries, its principal writer, and a close friend of these two amazing people, I believe that it is possible to bring him home, and to do so with something everyone is fond of... T-shirts! The gist of it is this: You buy the shirt you like, and after overhead, the proceeds go to fund Brian's trip home. Any Additional Funds Will Be Used Specifically For And By WarriorSoul Ministries! There will be no individuals profiting from this fundraiser- We are NOT televangelists!!

The fundraiser itself will last from now until September 10, 2013.

A Rare Appeal: The Selection

A Rare Appeal Standard Front
The front of the Standard
Here is how this works (price breakdown to follow shirt descriptions).

We have two styles of tees available. The first is what we're calling the "Standard" version, which basically means that it's the least expensive of the two.  It sports only lettering, with the words "Mine is a WarriorSoul" in gray and red on the front.  On the back, in red, are the words "WarriorSoul Ministries."  These are selling for $15, and we need to sell 50 of them at the very least... If we do not reach that number, none of the shirts will be shipped, and you will not be charged- But our fundraiser will have failed as well.

 The second style is being referred to as the "Limited Edition."  It has the same wording on the front as the Standard, but features the WarriorSoul logo on the back.  This shirt is selling for $25 and we need to sell at least 20 of them.  Again, if we do not reach that number- No shirts, no charge and no Brian going home.

Both of these styles will be available in black, navy, forest green and ash gray beginning tomorrow.  Currently, they are available only in black.

A Rare Appeal: The Price Breakdown

A Rare Appeal LE front
Front of the Ltd Edition
Because we believe in honesty and full disclosure here at WarriorSoul (and because I believe it will help you understand the need for the prices and set amounts), I'd like to show you the price breakdown.

The Standard version has an overhead cost of $11.35- That's for the screenprinting, labor and service. The remaining $3.65 is what will be coming to us to fund Brian's trip.

The Limited Edition has an overhead cost of $21.75.  Again, this is for the screenprinting, labor and service, but it is higher than the standard due to the graphic used on the back.  Thus, the fundraiser will be receiving $3.25 for every LE sold.

A Rare Appeal: The Minimum Sales Limit Explained

A Rare Appeal Standard back
Back of the Standard
The reasons for the minimum amounts is very simple: The smaller the sales goal is, the greater the base price.  This is due to a few things, but most notably the labor that goes into setting up the equipment which does the printing.  When the batch is smaller, it requires more supervision and prevents leaving the batch to print while getting a new batch ready.

Let me offer you an example: To print a mere 10 of the Standard shirts, the base cost would be $14.67.  However, printing a total of 50 costs $11.35.  If we were to raise our goal to 200, our base price would lower to a mere $8.55, but our relative chances of success decrease as well.

To expound on the example, let's use the LE. Printing 20 of these shirts costs 21.75.  Printing 10, however, spikes our base price to $30.75.  In order to sell the LE at a comparable price to the Standard, we'd need to sell a minimum of 130, and the base cost would be $12.13.  Once more, we see a lower price, but also a lower chance of making our goal.

These are the reasons we've set the limits where they are currently.

A Rare Appeal: The Final Word

A Rare Appeal LE back
back of the Ltd Edition
We've got readers and family from around the world, and I want to reassure everyone that we're able to get shirts to you no matter where you are- Using the company we're using, we can ship internationally, meaning out friends in Australia, Russia, the United Kingdom, China, Japan... Even Tanzania and Guatemala... Can help with this fundraiser and have something to show for it.

So aside from buying a shirt, or a few shirts, how can you help?  Well, you can tweet the shirts themselves, or this blog entry, to make sure that everyone who follows you gets the chance to hear about it, and hopefully pass it on.  You can share the shirts on Facebook and on Pinterest directly from the pages, or you can share the url from any form of social media.  You can also share this blog entry as well.

Feel free to share about the fundraiser and its purpose outside of the internet as well!  Word of mouth when speaking with your friends, coworkers, family and fellow church members can be just as vital and viral as what is shared online.

I'd like to thank you for your consideration and support of this effort, and I am confident that with all of you helping to support it and spread the word, it will be a monumental success. God bless each and every one of you!

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